Construction Litigation

(Plaintiffs and Defendants)  

Whether representing the owner, contractor, subcontractor, engineer, architect, developer, construction manager, design professional, or other party involved in the construction project, the firm can assist with the construction law and procedural issues, as well as contract compliance through counseling, negotiation, litigation, and alternative dispute resolution.  Specifically, the Firm can assist with drafting contracts to guard against future litigation, consult with respect to project completion and litigation avoidance, and help resolve disputes pertaining to such issues as delay and disruption, breaches of contract, breaches of warranties, negligent construction, defective materials and labor, lien issues, and improper inspections. 

Construction litigation can be especially document-intensive, protracted and expensive, such that efforts will be taken to resolve the matter without the need for trial if possible. However, if a trial is appropriate, the Firm will aggressively pursue that option of last resort to attempt to maximize the chances of prevailing in the most cost-effective manner possible.

James, House, & Downing, P.A. has broad experience with construction litigation.  Please contact us if we can be of assistance.