Estate & Trust Litigation

(Plaintiffs and Defendants)

In recent years James, House, Downing, & Lueken P.A. has extensively handled many estate, trust, and probate litigation matters. In fact, one of the firm’s attorneys maintains a blog specifically addressing the topic:  

With the Baby Boomers starting to retire in greater numbers, Arkansas’s older population demographic, and the slow but steadily increasing concentration of wealth in the United States, we anticipate a substantial increase in “wars over wealth” in the coming years. Indeed, the largest intergenerational transfer of wealth in human history has already begun and will continue for many years.  This phenomenon will result in estate and trust conflicts, inheritance battles, will contests, accounting actions, claims by or against fiduciaries, proceedings requiring the interpretation of wills and trusts, fights over trust expenditures and money management, disputes over missing assets and property ownership, accusations of self-dealing, family business litigation and “corporate divorces,” claims of fraud and undue influence, abuse of elders and questions of competency, and actions to determine the rights of beneficiaries and creditors. 

Whether you are the fiduciary (executor, trustee, etc.) or the party to whom fiduciary duties are owed, James, House, Downing, & Lueken P.A. can assist you with your estate, trust or probate dispute.  Please contact us if we can be of assistance.