Family Law

(Plaintiffs and Defendants)  

One of the most common needs for an attorney in today’s society is with respect to family law issues. James, House, Downing, & Lueken P.A. has extensively assisted clients with respect to divorces and annulments, property and debt divisions, alimony (spousal support) and child support, child support enforcement, child custody negotiation and disputes, name changes, restraining orders and domestic violence issues, and drafting of marital agreements such as settlement agreements, prenuptial agreements, and similar documents.

In fact, four of the Firm’s attorneys are specially trained in an exciting, emerging method of resolving domestic relations disputes called “collaborative law.”  They are also all members of the Collaborative Lawyers of Arkansas, Inc. and our attorneys alone make up a large percentage of the group’s total membership. Collaborative law (also called collaborative divorce or collaborative practice) is a structured process that provides an alternative to court. It involves the lawyers and clients signing an agreement providing that if parties are unable to reach a settlement the lawyers will withdraw from the case and assist the clients in transitioning the case to trial attorneys. Everyone involved in the process agrees to make a good faith attempt to reach a mutually acceptable settlement without going to court so as to dissolve the marriage in a manner that more ably addresses all parties’ legal, financial, and emotional needs. 

Our Firm has an extensive history in the area of family law and domestic relations. If we can be of assistance, please contact us.