Personal Injury

Personal injury and wrongful death litigation are different from business and commercial litigation in that they can involve higher stakes due to the incalculable value of human life. These personal injury and wrongful death cases may involve automobile, bus, and tractor-trailer collisions, drunk driving wrecks, premises liability claims, negligent security and supervision cases, defective products and designs, railroad crossing claims, nursing home negligence, and other types of issues.

Unlike many other matters that the Firm handles for its clients, James, House, Downing, & Lueken P.A. typically handles these cases on a contingency fee basis instead of an hourly arrangement so that the client is not out extensive funds for the prosecution of litigation that it never desired to be in the first place (e.g. because the client was involuntarily involved in an accident, etc.). Frequently these matters can be resolved with the insurance company without the need for filing a lawsuit, but if a settlement cannot be obtained without litigation, the Firm has extensive experience in handling these matters and pursuing them through trial if necessary. James, House, Downing, & Lueken P.A. understands that because personal injury and wrongful death cases touch individuals’ lives more so than a failed business deal or contract dispute ever could, the emotional toll of these cases requires a unique approach to resolving these matters as efficiently and fairly as possible.  

James, House & Downing, P.A. has a long history with these cases. Please contact us if we can be of assistance.